#8 booster improved, charts, dust, vents, camera control

The title pretty much contains everything new:

- booster is now also on articulation body setup using aero drag, and there is a new shiny 33-engine version (I don't like how the reflection works, though. I don't know if it can be improved much in the built-in render pipeline. But since I want to switch anyway, I didn't spend much time on it)

- chart to display time evolution of acceleration values

- dust is swirled up dynamically by the raptor flames

- vents, somewhat dynamic

- camera controls - still have to decide if and how to integrate the cameras in the deployable control panels

- some smaller stuff like that you have more control over the clamps now (you can pause them by clicking again on the extend/retract buttons), new water which also works in VR, and more which I cannot think of right now

I noticed a huge bug on the WebGL build, where you don't have propellant when initiating a landing. It's fixed now. Apparently not many use WebGL, because nobody reported it. That's fine. When I switch to HDRP, I cannot do WebGL builds anymore anyway :D

The war in Ukraine got me distracted quite a bit. Otherwise I would have had this update out a bit earlier. However, the implications of a war like this, especially when it develops into a massive loss for Putin, might be huge not only for Russia, but also the EU and Germany. Let's hope it ends soon.


StarbaseSim-20220306-Windows.zip 231 MB
Mar 06, 2022
StarbaseSim-20220306-Linux.zip 239 MB
Mar 06, 2022
StarbaseSim-20220306-Mac.zip 239 MB
Mar 06, 2022
StarbaseSim-20220306-WindowsOculus.zip 233 MB
Mar 06, 2022

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