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With this inital version you can stack Starship on Super Heavy Booster using Mechazilla at SpaceX Starbase Texas, Boca Chica...and launch it! All from a first person perspective. Also in VR.

Current Status

This is work in progress and in a very rough state currently. I just want to get it out now, so that you can play with it already as there is a lot happening currently in Boca Chica.

Since focus is on fast iteration, I stick to Windows 10 builds for the moment, which I can test directly (should also run on older Windows versions). Alternatively, you can try out the WebGL version. However, it's usually a bit buggier and much slower.

VR works with OpenXR now! So it should run on any headset that supports it, hopefully. It's tested with an Oculus Rift CV1. All the dimensions look much more impressive in VR!

Gameplay Notes

Standard WASD control with Space to jump and LeftShift to run. ESC for menu to change quality and other settings. Reduce quality, if it runs slowly.

In VR control works only with mouse and keyboard for the time being. See in-game hints. To center VR view reset the game or use your devices software. (Warning: with the current mode you can get motion sick very fast if you move around a lot)

There are two control boards at the top of the tower and the launch mount to control the Mechazilla arms. They have sliders to adjust the speed of the arms. Use them! You can now also place your own panel anywhere.

The Saturn V is just for size comparison and not interactable.

There is a simple measuring tool to play around with. You can set points with right mouse button.


I am not fully sure where to go with this project. I am thinking to add some of the following features, in no particular order:

- VR support (aiming for basic support for the next update)

- add a boom lift for closer inspection

- have the Booster/Ship land and catch it for relaunch

- add horizontal repositioning on catcher arms -> first version will be improved whenever I get a better 3D model

- add fueling

- add tank farm

- some kind of welding mechanic

- maybe even hydraulic/cryo test

- ...? -> suggestions in comments are welcome

If you want to fly Starship, there are lots of mods for Kerbal Space Program. But I don't know much about KSP.

Become a Builder

If you want to support the development, you can become a builder with a donation of 5 €/$ or more. I want to put some kind of memorial in the game with the names of the builders. For the time being it'll just be a plain board at the spawn point.

At the moment all the builder money will go into improving the 3D art, which means buying assets or hiring artists. For example, there is a nice boom lift on the Asset Store for 17$. This could be the first investment :D

Who is the developer and what's the motivation

I have been working as an electrical engineer at nuclear fusion research facility for 10 years. But I was always also interested in gaming, technology and space stuff. Now I want to recreate what it is like to stack and launch the biggest fucking rocket. It should feel close to reality and include some of the interesting technical aspects.  At the moment I am working almost full time on this while living off of savings.

Become a Creator

You can become a creator, when you send me 3D art directly. Ideally an Unity prefab or an fbx model, which I can use without much additional work. I am open to pretty much everything, if it is up to date, especially tower, launch mount, catcher and quick disconnect arm. A more realistic flame effect would also be nice.

Creators will get a special mention.

You find my mail address when you open the game. Please conctact me first before sending me any files.

Special Thanks

to Owe and the Senkrechtstarter Community for inspiration and references as well as NASASpaceflight, Lab Padre, RGVaerialphotos and the whole Twitter/Discord Starship community.

Credits and Asset Sources

- launch tower and mount models are from the awesome SAMCG14 KSP mod

- Latest reference for Catcher and QD designs by Owe on youtube

- Starship and Booster .stl model by AstroNot: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4930612

- @RGVaerialphotos, launch site photo from July 1st, 2021: https://twitter.com/RGVaerialphotos/status/1411457130213826563/photo/1

- PortaPotty by DocMyers: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4834503

- Cybertruck by denniswoo1993: https://www.cgtrader.com/products/cybertruck-ed8afb59-b0db-4ed2-b6ea-f3b24c39a53...

- Saturn V by MargetaCG: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/aircraft/historic/saturn-v-1479cb7d-b978...

- Some smaller prop packs and basic starter stuff from the Unity Asset Store which you can find easily yourself

- Launch sound is from some Saturn V youtube video. The construction ambient is from some NASASpaceflight video. Follow them on youtube, if you don't already!


Known Issues

In WebGL the UI sliders can only be moved with the mouse when the cursor is unlocked, which doesn't really work well in the browser. So in the meantime better use the keyboard left/right buttons instead.

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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