#10 Ray Tracing and new catcher

Setting up Ray Tracing works pretty good now in Unity. Performance could be better of course. But I am happy that I get some usable results at all with my 2060.

I love the real time reflections. It just works! :D

Ray Tracing has still some limitations, though. It's especially noticeable on the reflections where it doesn't work with water and terrain, yet.

It also has to use DirectX 12 by default now. Performance wise it should be almost the same as DX11. It might not run on some older systems anymore.

There are some updates in the pipeline from Unity regarding Ray Tracing and DX12 performance. So I think I will just keep it like it is for the moment where you can switch on some Ray Tracing stuff from the menu. For the non-directional lights it's on by default (if the GPU supports it). Performance might be worse now at night.

I think I will stop now for a bit with the visual enhancements to add more content.

Here are some more points for this update:

- improved catcher, it has more moving parts and is better overall

- improved main menu and additional menu with key binds

- improved UVs of starship to be able to use a hexagon texture. Still looks a bit scuffed, but better than nothing.

- tiny improvements on the terrain

- added button to remove last placed control panel

- additional landing settings: added reset to defaults button

- default fuel flow and thrust values are set to Raptor 2 specs (Landing settings and controller parameters haven't been changed though, so the landing might be a bit off now. Only did a few tests and it was ok for me.)

- added camera display button to control panel Misc tab

- removed player movement limits

- added SLE logo to other lights

- added snap turn for VR (see hints)


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May 19, 2022

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