#2 new UI, better VR, radial catcher movement

Dev Log #2

ooooff! Did an overhaul of the control panel UI to use the Unity Canvas system. As expected it took longer than expected! So many settings and bugs with the interaction when switching from VR to normal control and back, from control panel and into the main menu, etc. I hope this is done now and I can focus on content. The new control panels should be much easier to deal with and extend in the future.

Here are all the points for this update, which I can think of now:

- new control panel UI which uses the Unity XR interaction toolkit and device simulator to simulate controller input with the mouse

- radial catcher arm movement to move the booster/ship to and from the tower, and to rotate it

- fixed some bugs

- added some props and a small easter egg... actually a big one, but it appears small ;)

- you can now set the starting position at game startup or reset with an ini file (see installation instructions)

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