#1 First Update! :)

I have updated the description quite a bit as well. Check it out also!

What have I done:

1. Putting in VR with the newest Unity plugins was quite easy. But ironing out the details of the VR interface will take some time. That's why I left it at keyboard and mouse for the time being. Also, I don't actually own hand controllers xD

2. Updated the tower and launch mount with the awesome models of https://twitter.com/SAMCG14_ and adjusted dimensions according to the latest drawings of https://twitter.com/LunarCaveman

All dimensions should be much more realistic now.

3. With the new launch mount I could implement a first version of clamps. Needs to be improved with better mount models in the future.

4. Some smaller adjustments. I also replaced the dynamic sky with a simpler version. Everything runs a little better now.

5. First version of a simple measuring tool to quickly check some dimension. Took a bit longer to implement than expected because of a dumb bug, where I was checking for game object names instead of instance IDs of the instantiated prefabs :D

For the next update I definitely want to get in the booster movement along the catcher. Might also rework the control panels together with that.

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